Raster Background Data for PC-GPS 

Geotiffed DRG and DOQQ images, ready to use in PC-GPS

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CMT Custom Image CDs

USGS 7.5' quadrangles are now available in digital format that can be used by PC-GPS.   These DRGs (Digital Raster Graphics) are available for the entire United States.   See example below. 

Also available are aerial photos (DOQQs - Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quads).   Approximately 50% of the U.S. is covered; with more being added each month.   Four of these cover the same area as one DRG.  See Example below.

Let us make a custom CD-ROM for you with the DRG's and DOQQs you need.  The DRGs and DOQQs, are in PC-GPS .MAP format so you can just use File/Open in PC-GPS to display the DRG or DOQQ.  You can then copy your GPS data right on top of the image.

With this data you can:

  • Display your GPS/GIS data on top of USGS quadrangles and aerial photos.
  • "heads-up" digitize on the image using your mouse.  Create new points, lines and areas by tracing them on the image.
  • connect your GPS unit to your notebook computer or pen-based computer along with PC-GPS and watch your position on the DRG/DOQQ as you move.

DRG Image (to scale)
webdrg.gif (39655 bytes)

DOQQ Image (to scale)

Call one of our Sales Representatives for a quote on a custom CD today!
Just let us know the names of the 7.5' quadrangles you need.

Custom CD Pricing

1st 7.5' quadrangle on CDROM....... $30.00
Each additional 7.5' quadrangle on the same CD-ROM.......
(Maximum of 60 7.5' quadrangles on each CD-ROM)
1st Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quad on CD-ROM....... $40.00
Each additional DOQQ on the same CD-ROM.......
(Maximum of 10  B/W DOQQs on each CD-ROM)
(pricing only applies to b/w images)


Online DRG Search
Use CMT's fast image search engine to customize your DRG CD online. Please send your order to us by mail or FAX.

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