Fish & Wildlife Electronic Forms
Increase Your Data Collection Efficiency and Accuracy

Increase your project's productivity and data accuracy with CMT's Fish and Wildlife Electronic Forms. These user-friendly software programs electronically emulate agency data collection forms, eliminating time-consuming re-keying and re-checking of data accuracy. Many biologists and project managers have found that using this software cuts their final report generation time from months to two or three days.

Fish and Wildlife Electronic Forms feature:

  • A spreadsheet-style grid that allows for easy review, editing and appending of data.
  • Electronic look-up tables and hint windows for species and other coded variables to speed data entry.
  • On-line error checking facility to minimize collection errors
  • Post-collection summaries at the touch of a key.
  • Easy data transfer from the hand-held computer to a desktop PC, or to a mainframe computer via modem.

Fish and Wildlife Electronic Forms are available for use with the PC-Series and MC-Series of rugged, waterproof, hand-held computers.

Ready-to-Use Programs
The following form collection programs are completed and are ready for use as-is or they can be modified to meet your agency's needs:

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW)
Washington Department of Fisheries
Washington Department of Wildlife

  • Salmonid Commercial Sampling Form
  • Sport Fish Catch and Effort Form
  • Sport Fish Biodata Form
  • Sturgeon Commercial Sampling Form
  • Washington Department of Fisheries Hatchery Form
  • ODFW Hatchery Mark Recovery Sampling Form

Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission, Oregon

  • Dam Angling Data Form

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

  • Warmwater Project Fish Collection Form

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

  • Field Sampling - "Data Form 1"

Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency

  • FRAS 1 Emulation for PC5

Wyoming Game and Fish Department

  • Stream Electrofishing Form
  • Creel Survey/Angler Interview Form


  • MC-ELECTRO - Electrofishing Software
  • MC-CREEL - Angler Interview Program

Custom Software Design Available

CMT can design a custom electronic form for your application for use with a MC-SERIES or PC-SERIES hand-held computer. Please contact us for further information.