MC5-SCA - Statistical Collector/Analyst

CMT's MC5-SCA is an ultra-rugged and compact data collector/hand-held computer which effectively analyzes both variable and attributes data collected from gauges and barcode readers or input mainly via its alphanumeric keyboard.

Unlike traditional Statistical Process Control (SPC) data collectors, MC5-SCA is extremely flexible and user-friendly. Menus, prompts and five function keys guide the operator through each step of the data collection and analysis process. On-line help is available at any time for further detailed assistance. This makes MC5-SCA the most powerful, friendly and portable SPC data collector on the market.

The MC5-SCA system also offers these advantages:

  • Supports collection across multiple parts; the total number of parts is limited only by the memory resident in the MC5-SCA system
  • Collects attributes and variables data simultaneously
  • Defines up to 255 characteristics per part for both attributes and variables data
  • Defines subgroup sizes as large as 255 samples (65,000 for attributes)
  • Keeps operator only in areas where they belong, using a unique password system
  • Plots descriptive control charts, histograms, capability and pareto diagrams real-time to the crisp LCD display
  • Computes dimensions based on user-definable formulas (a pop-up calculator is built into the MC5-SCA system)
  • Analyzes selectable ranges of data via an unlimited number of user-definable "trace" fields (e.g. DATE, TIME, LOT#, etc.)

Customize MC5-SCA to meet your specific requirements for collection and analysis of variables and attributes data. Once configured to you needs, MC5-SCA retains this information until it needs to be changed. For example, for certain material it may be preferable to collect variable data part by part or characteristic by characteristic. This option is one of many provided for customizing MC5-SCA to your specific collection/analysis methods. Also:

  • Choose up to ten different trend/run tests to alert the user of possible problems real-time during data collection and/or provide a trend summary after analysis.
  • Specify the chart limit lines to be graphed on the MC5-SCA screen or printed reports. Choose control limits, specification limits or both.
  • Create custom "code" files which are used to streamline data entry:

Defect codes (barcode and keyboard) for attributes;

Event codes to identify assignable causes

  • Create custom "trace" field lists for sorting and tracking causes of product variation (lot#, operator, date, time, etc.)
  • Set up parameters for communications to various printers (including Epson and HP LaserJet) for report and graph generation.
  • Set up parameters for data communications with IBM PC and compatible computers.
  • MC5-SCA supports direct file transfer to popular SPC software from QC Systems, Paul Hertzler, Penton Software, Northwest Analytical and others