You must contact us before sending any units to us for repair service.

If you have a unit that is older than 6 years, please consider purchasing a replacement/demo unit. The replacement/demo unit should be able to serve you a few years longer than a repaired old unit. The replacement/demo units provide the capability to check the system battery power level. Please visit our Demo units page to check pricing.

When you call, please provide the model number, the serial number and dealer name of your original purchase, if possible.

Send in Packaged Unit for Repair
After we have informed you that the unit can be serviced, package the equipment securely and return it to us postage/shipping prepaid. Include in the package a note with your billing and shipping addresses and phone numbers as well as a description of the problem with the unit. Send only those parts needed to repair. Enlcose a check if the service is to be prepaid.

Address the package to:

Corvallis Microtechnology, Inc.
3910 SW 53rd Street
Corvallis, OR  97333