The 1-year warranty provided by CMT on the CMT hand-held computers and GPS systems may be extended on an annual basis for an annual fee, according to the chart below:

Hand-Held Computer Warranty Extension (US)
MC5 US $150.00
PC5L US $185.00
MARCH-II-E US $245.00
MC5-GPS US $295.00
ALTO-G12 US $385.00
PC5L-GPS US $350.00
HP-GPS-L4 US $600.00

CMT reserves the right to refuse extension of the warranty upon maturity and to change the annual fee without notice.

If you are interested in securing a one-year warranty-extension for your CMT hand-held computer, please provide the serial number of your unit(s), attach a copy of your original purchase invoice and return this form with your payment to:

CMT Warranty Extension                          Tel: (541) 752-5456
413 SW Jefferson Ave.                             
Fax: (541) 752-4117
Corvallis, OR 97333

(detach at line)

The standard CMT warranty on your CMT hand-held computer(s) listed below is hereby extended for a period of one year 

from  ________________    to  ________________

CMT hand-held computer Serial #'s

________________ ________________
________________ ________________
________________ ________________

Amount Enclosed:  $ ________________              Invoice #  ________________

Requested By: 

Name: _______________________________________________________
Company: _______________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________________________
Fax: _______________________________________________________
Email: _______________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________
City ____________________________ State ________________ ZIP _______________

Validated by:  ________________                           Date:  ________________