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Rated #1 in the June 2005 issue of the Journal of Forestry! In the article titled: "Digital Mapping Alternatives: GIS for the Busy Forester", PC-GIS is compared side-by-side with several different GIS programs. PC-GIS is rated #1 for the level of functionality at an affordable price.


PC-GIS PRO is a true GIS program that is economical, easy to learn and friendly to use. Designed for use by foresters and other land use professionals, PC-GIS PRO includes the Forester’s Toolkit as a standard set of tools.


Foresters, farmers, wildlife specialists and other land managers can customize the Toolkit to fit their application. The friendly GIS tools provided in PC-GIS PRO are as easy to use as a PC.


Forester’s Toolkit Built-in! (a.k.a. Project Toolkit or Farmer’s Toolkit)

Heads-Up-Digitize tracts and stands from georeferenced aerial photography.
Digitizing tools allow for shared borders to eliminate gaps and overlaps.


                Shown is photo registration screen



Split Tract/Stands into smaller areas along borders or other boundaries. Trace the border based on georeferenced aerial photography or use existing roads/streams.

Combine Tracts/Stands and join along common boundaries to form larger areas.

Create “Islands”, or areas that are completely surrounded by other areas. These can easily be created within a larger tract or stand.
The area of the “island” is automatically subtracted from the larger tract or stand to show net acreage.

Register Photos using GPS points or topo maps. View your photo and topo map side-by-side for easy georeferencing.  Once your aerial photos are georeferenced, you can use them as a backdrop for digitizing new tracts and stands.

Add Roads, Streams, Structures, and other Features commonly encountered in the field. Easily add endangered species, forest roads, RR lines, power lines, towers, bridges, wetlands, etc., to your maps.


NEW! Build Feature Lists for use in CMT Field CE GIS software.



                          Thousands of Patterns

         CMT BaseMap with Contour Lines


Aerial Photo Support, Register Photos and Link Media


4    BaseMaps w/ contour lines

4    GIS functions: Split, Join & more

4    Buffering for points, lines & areas

4    Image support for: MRSID® format, JPEG2000, GeoJPEG & GeoTIFF

4    Heads-up digitizing

4    Easy to Learn & Friendly to Use

4    Forester’s Toolkit included

4    GPS Navigation

4    Interactive spreadsheet

4    Huge symbol/pattern library




PC-GIS has a complete GIS interface:


4    Topic View is used to control layer order, legends, classification schemes and automatic labeling

4    Map View displays your map with different symbols, background maps, aerial photos and linked media


4    Sheet View is a spreadsheet containing a database of attributes/values used for queries, sorting & reports

Also find these powerful features in PC-GIS:

Georeferenced Image Support
Import and display Geotiffs, GeoJPEGs (NEW), JPEG2000s and MRSID® format images into your Map. Use DOQ, DRG, or custom aerial photography to enhance your GIS data. Also, PC-GIS offers an improved interface for georeferencing of TIF, JPG, and BMP image files.

Professional Plotting Output
Produce professional-looking maps using either the Quick Plot option or Custom Plot option. Use drag and drop placement for your company logo, headers, footers, legends, and other text. Includes standard mapping features such as: legends, scale bars, and north arrows. Once the plot format is complete, you can save the layout for future use. Also, plot directly to an image file.

Symbol and Pattern Libraries
Customize your map using symbols and patterns. For standard symbols, PC-GIS offers multiple libraries to choose from (including transparent hatch patterns). You can also combine existing symbols to create your own symbols.

Geographic Feature Search
Search for Features within a user-defined area. Search three ways: 1) by Radius from given Point or 2) for Points contained in specific Area Features; or 3) by Entire Map.

Enhanced Classification
Classify by unique value, equal interval, quantile, or custom classification scheme. Assign symbols and patterns to classes.

Cumulative and Bearing Measurements
Measure cumulative distance between features and also get valuable heading information.

Enhanced Topic Identification
Separate Topic name for each Feature collected by GPS based on Feature name. Registered imagery is also assigned to its own Topic based on its file name.

User-Friendly Icons
Icons for Measure Area, Measure Length, Measure Distance, Coordinate Information, Display Photo, Shape Property and more.

Define your own Coordinate Systems
Use this powerful feature of PC-GIS to create your own coordinate system or datum for your jobs.

Feature Data Import: ASCII, Shape file, DXF
PC-GIS allows you to supplement (import) your GPS maps with Feature data from a variety of data sources: ArcView® Shapefiles, AutoCAD® DXF files, ASCII and other PC-GIS Job files.

Once your map is complete, the Feature data can be exported into several different GIS and database formats (ESRI Shapefile, DXF, ASCII, MS ODBC, Intergraph Microstation).   Simply select the export format from the pull-down Data Source box and then click on the export icon.

Powerful Mapping Functions
Your Map can be created using a variety of data sources: GPS Feature files, DXF files, ASCII Files, ESRI® Shapefiles (.SHP), databases, and digital images. The geographic and image data in your Map is automatically organized into layers to facilitate map viewing and data management. Your completed Map can be displayed in UTM, SPC, LLA or even a user-defined Coordinate System.

Once your Map is created, it can be plotted complete with custom legends, labels and objects. Each Feature in the Map can be labeled by Feature name or by specific value. Tailor the size, style or color of labels shapes and text to suit your needs.

Impressive Visual Tools: Images & Objects
PC-GIS enhances your data with digital images (.BMP, .JPG, .TIF) and even multimedia objects conforming to Microsoft's® OLE standard. Images, such as aerial photos, can be georeferenced to your Map within PC-GIS. Create new Features from your image using "heads-up digitizing". Vividly describe Features by linking descriptive objects like video/audio clips, documents and spreadsheets to a specific Point, Line or Area.

Resource and Data Management
PC-GIS offers a number of powerful data analysis and management functions. Analyze the Feature, Attribute and Value data in your Map using powerful Filter, Search and Classification tools. With classification, you can create data subgroups or color-coded classes. Calculate Feature areas and lengths or measure map distances at the click of a button. View your attribute and value data in spreadsheet form for quick reference and editing.

Export Feature Data from PC-GIS to your Database Program
If you need to perform more extensive analysis or reporting functions, export your map data directly to a number of databases such as Access®, dBASE®, FoxPro® and other Microsoft® ODBC compliant programs. PC-GIS data can then be joined with your existing GIS database. Finally, you can import all your data, or only a portion of data, back into PC-GIS.

PC-GIS combines CMT's proven GIS project management utilities with powerful mapping functions in one package. It can be used as part of a complete system with a CMT GPS data collector or as a stand-alone resource-mapping program.
Best of all, you don't need to be a GIS expert to use PC-GIS. Many of the functions available in more complicated GIS or mapping programs are readily accessible and easy to learn. When you need advanced capabilities, PC-GIS provides power beyond standard mapping programs with the support of Microsoft's®; Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC), Object Linking & Embedding (OLE), and Advanced Programming Interface (API).

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MS PowerPoint Presentation


Demo Software

Function List

Price list