Your Complete Base Station Solution
Winbase® is a complete MS-Windows® based GPS base station management system designed for organizations who need to have access to GPS base station data without the expense and maintenance of a typical GPS base station. Existing base stations require a good deal of specialized knowledge and effort to operate. Winbase® greatly simplifies this process.
The Winbase software is available with CMT's Base Station System:
Combine Automated Data Management 
with Easy User Access

Winbase® automatically records, manages, and archives GPS data in the MS-Windows® environment. Winbase also supports an optional electronic BBS (Bulletin Board System). Users can easily download base station data at the office, from the field or across the country through the bulletin board, any time of the day or night. Other systems require constant administration, and complex third party multi-tasking software. With Winbase, none of this is required, Install it and you are ready to go.

This easy-to-understand screen keeps you on top of your base station's status

Easy Customization to Fit 
Your Organizations' Needs

You can easily configure Winbase® to perform a variety of user defined program functions. For example:
  • Data can be recorded seven days a week or only during specified days and times.
  • Files may be created based on time (e.g. one hour intervals) or size (e.g. 1.44 MB). These files can be automatically named, compressed, and archived each day.
  • Old data may be deleted automatically based on its age or on the remaining memory space on your hard drive.
  • The system can also be configured to automatically begin collecting data after a power failure.

View an actual screen shot of Winbase's ® user-customizable controls

Winbase® keeps track of the satellites your base station is tracking


Winbase 2.1 List price            $1,850.00

For Questions or to Order, call CMT at (541) 752-5456

Winbase® Operating Specifications
Recommended Minimum Operating Specifications:

  • IBM PC or compatible with Pentium processor
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000
  • 16 MB RAM minimum (32 MB RAM or more recommended)
  • 100 MB Free Hard Disk space (Differential Correction requirement)
  • Mouse
  • A free parallel communications port

Base Station Hardware
Winbase software is available with CMT's Base Station System:

- CMT GPS-BASE-L4 Package (12-Channel Receiver )

Bulletin Board System (BBS) Software
The Winbase® System is designed for use with PowerBBS®, a feature-rich, economical and easy to use MS Windows®-based BBS.