Contour / Volume
Contour/Volume gives you the power to visualize and analyze your spatial data in a 2-D or 3-D environment.

   Contour      Volume
   Precision Farming
 - Harvest Yield Map
 - Soil Nitrogen Content
     Precision Farming
 - Harvest Volume
 - Fertilizer Application
   Civil Engineering
 - Topology Map
 - Hydrology Map
    Civil Engineering
 - Cut and Fill Volume
 - Reservoir Volume

The things that make Contour/Volume unique are...

  • CMT Contour/Volume creates Contour Maps based upon your original data point files. 
  • CMT Contour/Volume allows you to use elevation as well as GIS attribute data to createe contour maps. 
  • CMT Contour/Volume displays your field data in a 3-D grid surface.
  • CMT Contour/Volume computes Cut/Fill volumes by Contour line or for a user-defined area.
  • CMT Contour/Volume works with CMT's PC-GPS to use ESRI© Shapefiles, AutoCAD .DXF files, ASCII, Microsoft Excel©, Microsoft© OLE.

Create contour Maps from:

  • Z33, MARCH, MC-GPS, ALTO-G12, HP-GPS-L4, RT Systems
  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
  • ESRI Shapefiles
  • AutoCAD DXF files
  • ASCII files
  • Total Station Surveys

Display your GPS data in Three Dimensions

  • Select a color range that highlights your data
  • Specify a scale-factor for your Z data
  • Display Grid Lines or Solid Grids
  • Customize X, Y and Z-Axis labels.
  • Tilt and rotate your surface maps to view them from any angle.