SA Package Pricing 
CMT MC5 and SA 

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SA Package Pricing 
Pricing for Surveyor's Assistant with the CMT MC5Please find below the current listed price for the various Surveyor's Assistant Packages.
      MC5E3 with SA 2 MC5H with SA 2 MC5T with SA 2 MC5GT with SA 2.2
List Price: $ 985.00 $ 1,135.00 $1,285.00 $1,485.00
Internal Heater: greendot.gif (1317 bytes)
Backlight Display: greendot.gif (1317 bytes)
CPU Speed: 5 MHz 5 MHz 10 MHz 10 MHz
Designed for easy use: CMT SA 2.05 CMT SA 2.05 CMT SA 2.05 CMT SA 2.2
Cogo Functions: greendot.gif (1317 bytes)
Standard RAM: 384K 384K 384K 512K
Run-time Memory: 128K 128K 128K 256K
Storage: 256K 256K 256K 1 MB RAM Disk
(on board)
Surveying Software:
Microsoft Windows® based    
CogoCAD 2.2K
Free Download from CMTINC.COM !!
CogoCAD 2.2K
Free Download from CMTINC.COM !!
CogoCAD 2.2K
Free Download from CMTINC.COM !!
CogoCAD 2.2K
Free Download from CMTINC.COM !!
Waterproof: submersible submersible submersible greendot.gif (1317 bytes)submersible
What Comes with the Package?
The above packages include the following items:
  • MC5 hand-held computer
  • Surveyor's Assistant software on EPROM ( MC5GT's SA 2.2 is installed on board)
  • Recharger
  • User Manuals

New !!  
MC5GT Trade-In Pricing
If you would like to trade your existing MC5 with surveying software, such as SA, TDS 500, C&G or Maptech, for an MC5GT with SA 2.2.

  1. Just fax your signed request to: (541) 752-4117.
  2. You will recieve a MC5GT w/SA2.2 with a 45 day right-of-return.
  3. After the 45 days, if you're satisfied, call CMT for instructions for sending in your old MC5.
 Trade-In  You Get...  Your Price after Trade-In
 MC5 with  
 surveying software
 MC5GT with SA 2.2  $985.00

New !!
SA Upgrade Pricing  
as of 7/18/00
This is the pricing to upgrade your existing Surveyor's Assistant (SA) to he current version 2.05. 

Please review the pricing below:

 From  To  Price of Upgrade
 SA 1.x  SA 2.05  $285.00
 SA B1.x  SA 2.05  $285.00
 SA B2.x  SA 2.05  $285.00

Pricing Explanation
SA-1.x, SA-B1.x, and SA-B2.x are on (2) EEPROMS.  SA-2.05 requires (3) EEPROMS.

We will charge:
$135 for the third EEPROM Module


$150 ($50 x 3) to RE-BURN all three modules with SA 2.05

$ 285.00