Report a Bug to CMT

CMT strives to maintain the highest quality for our mapping software. With the help of our customers, we can be notified of unknown bugs so that we can address them in future releases.

If you think you have found a bug in your copy of CMT software, please go through the checklist.  Once you have gone through the checklist, we would greatly appreciate it if you would send us a completed bug report form.

NOTE: CMT will only provide technical support for our most current  versions of software.

Check this to get a Printable Fax Form


Do you have the Current version of the software installed?
Have you reset your computer and/or handheld unit?
Have you tried re-installing the software on your PC?
Have you tried multiple times and been able to duplicate the bug?
If you have MS Windows NT or 2000, have you logged on as Administrator and tried to duplicate the bug?