A Complete Survey-Grade RTK
Package at an Affordable Price

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List Price:


GPS receiver:

12-channel L1 / 12-channel L2

Professional GPS/GIS:


Mapping Accuracy:

RTK:  1 cm + 1 ppm
Post Process Static:  5 mm + 1 ppm

Field System:

PC5L© Hand-held
with 8 Megabyte RAM and 1MB Flash EEPROM
Dual-Frequency GPS Rover Backpack
with RTK Radio, Dual Frequency Receiver, GPS Antenna, Rover Backpack

Designed for easy use:

Yes, CMT Field 4.2 Included
RTK, OTF, Static, Stakeout, Geoid 99 Model in field

On-board Traverse:


Post Processing:



 8 MB standard

Records Points,
Lines, and Areas:


Base Unit:

Dual-Frequency GPS Base unit
with RTK Radio, Dual Frequency Receiver,  GPS Antenna

WinBase - Base Station Software

GPS/GIS Mapping Software:
Microsoft Windows® based

Yes, PC-Mapper 07 Included


Yes, submersible



System Features
- 12-channel L1 / 12-channel L2
- Full wavelength carrier phase on L1 and L2
- P-code on L1 and L2
- Z-Tracking
- L1 C/A code
- On-the-fly (OTF) initialization
- Real-Time Kinematic for Position accuracy: 2cm +1ppm
- Operational under Anti-spoofing (AS) conditions
- Up to 13db signal-to-noise advantage over cross correlation for tracking weaker satellite signals
- Fast signal acquisition and reacquisition algorithms
- Low data latency
- Up to 10Hz position and raw data rate
- Real-time data output
- RTCM-SC104 V.2.1 for DGPS and RTK
- RINEX Ver. 2.0
- NMEA 0183 V.2.01
- 1 PPS timing signal
- Event marker
- Static - Carrier Phase Differential Position accuracy: 5mm + 1ppm

NMEA / Barcode Device Interface Capabilities
- Two 9-pin RS-232 serial ports, PC/AT pinout.
- The Z33's PC5L has two waterproof DB-9 RS-232 serial ports (COM1: and COM2:) for communication with your PC as well as a variety of additional input and output devices such as:

NMEA 0183 output
The Z33's PC5L will send out a NMEA 0183 message, at an interval specified by you, to either COM1: or COM2:. This functionality allows the Z33's PC5L to output a GPS position to devices (i.e. digital cameras, sonar, etc.) that will accept a NMEA 0183 message. There is no need to change your instrument settings. The Z33's PC5L communications can be set to match your instrument. In the NMEA Setup screen, you have complete control over the baud rate and protocol settings.

Efficient Data Entry with Bar Code Input
Attach a bar code scanner to the Z33's PC5L and you can quickly enter data. Bar code menus can be set up in such a way that you never need to touch the PC5L keyboard.

PC5L Data Collector
with CMT Field v4.2
  - Waterproof (submersible)
  - Operating temperature: -40°C to 54°C
  - 8 MB RAM standard, 1 MB Flash EPROM
  - 2D/3D point, offset, slope staking
  - CoGo, traverse, inverse, intersect, horizontal curve, create line, create arc, 3-point curve
  - NEZ calibration for working on local planes
  - LLA/UTM/SPC plus user-defined coordinates
  - Supports 50 datums plus user-defined datums
  - Geoid 99 model on-board for accurate MSL in the field

CMT Field Software v4.2
- Collect Points, Lines Areas
- Feature/Attribute/Value GIS structure
- Graphic plotting.
- Traversing - keyboard data entry to allow you to continue mapping when GPS is obstructed
- Offset function to map hard-to-reach locations.
- Nested point function for tagging points while you are mapping a Line or Area Feature.
- Averaging function to optimize accuracy while recording static points.
- LLA/UTM/SPC plus user-defined coordinates.
- Supports 50 datums plus user-defined datums.
- Provides area calculation in the field
- Interfaces to laser rangefinders, barcode readers and various NMEA devices
- Canyon, Blockage and Clear modes for optimal tracking performance

The Z33 System package includes CMT's PC-Mapper software for comprehensive GPS project management and mapping. PC-Mapper provides functions for Mapping, Mission Planning, Batch Differential Correction, Static Point "Spread" analysis and Job Editing. The software also supports GIS layering, raster images (i.e. DOQs, DRGs, aerial photographs, satellite imagery), multimedia objects (OLE 2.0) and Microsoft® ODBC.

System Accuracy Specifications


Static Horizontal (RMS):

1 cm + 1ppm

Static Vertical (RMS):

1.7 cm + 1ppm

Min. Static occupation time:
Sub-centimeter accuracy with longer occupation time.

2 seconds

Kinematic Horizontal (RMS):

3 cm + 1 ppm

Kinematic Vertical (RMS):

5 cm + 1 ppm

Azimuth (arc sec):

.15 + 1.5/baseline length in km

Initialization time to fix ambiguities:

Low as 10 sec after P-code
lock on 8 satellites



Real-time Differential (DGPS)


<1 m + 10 ppm



L1/L2 Carrier Phase Post-processing

Static (RMS):

5 mm + 1 ppm

Kinematic (RMS):

1 cm + 1 ppm



L1 C/A code post-processing


<1 m + 10 ppm