NEW! CogoCAD PRO with Contour/Volume


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CogoCAD PRO is a versatile software program used by surveyors and GPS/GIS professionals for managing data & generating maps.

CogoCAD PRO will work with Total Station survey data, GPS data and GIS data.

Primarily, CogoCAD PRO provides an interface to:

  • Download data from survey data collectors
  • Perform Coordinate Geometry (COGO) functions
  • Adjust raw data, coordinates and traverse data
  • Add other GIS data to your map
  • Advanced figure labeling functions
Please click here to find a detailed list of functions in CogoCAD PRO

   Enhancements over previous versions of CogoCAD

CogoCAD PRO is compatible with CMT's Surveyor's Assistant (SA2.05, SA2.2, and CE Surveyor III), PC-GPS Mapping software and Contour/Volume software.

NEW Functions:

  • GIS Layering
  • Support for CMT BaseMaps
  • Thousands of new patterns and symbols
  • Load georeferenced images. Supported formats include: Geotiff, MRSID® format images, GeoJPEG and JPEG2000.
  • Heads-up Digitizing (HUD) of point, line and area features
  • Zoom tools improved and Pan tool added
  • Geoid 2003
  • Segment, marker, area and angle labeling

CogoCAD PRO includes substantial enhancements over older versions of CogoCAD such as:

  • Contour/Volume
  • Feature Topic management
  • Assign Symbol by Topic
  • Plot Preview
  • Earthworks
  • Improved Road creation and more.

  Applications with CogoCAD

CMT CogoCAD PRO is widely used on the surveying market. It is utilized by over 50,000 professionals and multiple Universities in their surveying programs.

There are a wide variety of applications with CogoCAD PRO such as:

  Landscape design and layout      
  Irrigation management      
  Golf course mapping      
  Archaeological digs      
  Graphic design      
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SA 3



Other data collectors supported include:

  • TDS
  • Lietz/SDR
  • C&G
  • Maptech
  • Pentax, SC-5 and others.

CogoCAD supports opening/importing the following file formats:

  • PC-GPS Map files (*.fmp, *.map)
  • CE Surveyor III files(*.psa)
  • SA 2.2 files (*.fld)
  • SA 2.0 files (*.hvd)
  • CAD DXF Files (*.dxf)
  • Shapefiles (*.shp)
  • ASCII files (via import)
  • TDS-500 files (*.cr5)
  • SDR files

COGO functions range from simple translation and intersection routines to complex Road Design and curve generation. These functions are presented in an easy-to-use Windows environment that also includes a comprehensive On-Line Manual and context-sensitive help functions.