CMT Technical Support Procedure

In order to make technical support more efficient we have developed an online procedure to handle all requests.

The solution to the problem may be found in the following checklist. Please complete the checklist before you proceed.

Check this to get a Printable Fax Form


Do you have the Current version of our software installed?
Have you reset your computer and/or handheld unit?
Have you tried re-installing the software on your PC?
Have you tried multiple times and run into the same problem?
If you have MS Windows NT or 2000, have you logged on as Administrator and still run into the same problem?
Are your batteries 100% charged?
Are the file drives and RAM disk formatted correctly on your unit?
Have you checked the 'Help' function in the software and/or unit?
Have you read your User's Manual?
Have you checked the online FAQ

Some Common Problems:

Q. - My data seems to be corrupt and my drives show less free space than there should be.
A. - Format your RAM drive/disk. Look up how to format under your unit's FAQ.

Q. - I have a MC-GPS unit that tracks, but remains in tracking mode and will not record data because it can not get satellites.  The last time we picked up satellites and collected data before the problem started, the data was in indecipherable on PC-GPS.
A. - Check these settings under Setup:

  • Receiver - your initial position is within 100 miles of where you will be collecting data.
  • RS-232 Input Output - the RTCM Input setting under COM 2: has the Mode set to "Auto" and not "Yes".
  • Time/Date - the local time (entered in Military time) is correct along with the local date and UTC time offset.
  • Save any changes.
  • You can download a current alm.mvx file from our website and transfer it to your MC-GPS to update the almanac in the receiver.
    Please confirm all of the above items. If the unit still will not track after being left in the open for about 30 minutes, please contact us.

Q. - What's a User Key?
A. - There are 4 "codes" that you should be aware of. Let me define them for you:
  • Password: This is the password that is required to download certain software from our website and to install the software on your PC. Contact CMT to get the download/installation password for the CMT DEMO software programs.
  • USER KEY: This is the number that comes up on the PC or PDA after you have successfully installed the software and are running it for the first time. This is the screen that asks you for the VALIDATION CODE. The CMT DEMO programs do not need to be validated.
  • VALIDATION CODE: a unique security code that is specific to your PC or PDA. Therefore, if you are moving your software installation from one PC or PDA to another, you will need a different VALIDATION CODE. If your PC software came with a hardware key, then it does not need a validation code. Simply move the hardware key to the new PC.
  • SERIAL NUMBER: This is the printed number on your original installation disk.
  • If you need a new validation code, please provide your USERKEY and the SERIAL NUMBER and a brief reason why you need the new validation code.
  • After a serial number has been validated for three times, we will charge a $25 service fee each time we revalidate that same serial number. Please keep in mind that each serial number grants the usage license to one user on one PC or PDA.